Innovation is a constant commitment that is renewed every day adapting and developing the best possible solutions to our customers at all times. For that reason, research and development have been the fundamental philosophy of enterprises from their first beginnings. We know that in order to be successful we must adapt ourselves to market evolutions and to our customers’. In Galloplast we believe (that) the best way to do that is ahead of changes.  

Galloplast has more than 1000 m2 installations at its disposal that cover all needs: from complete laboratories of analysis and characterization (elementary analysis, physical tests, spectrophotometry, fire resistance…) to transformation rooms to validate our customers’ processes. We also have a team of enthusiastic people that is highly qualified and they have a long experience in the sector.  

Galloplast continually addresses big efforts to innovation and it also collaborates with our customers and suppliers as well as with public and private centers of excellence in the sector. Moreover, Galloplast usually collaborates on national and international I+D projects and it regularly participates in conferences and seminaries.