Galloplast has high quality equipment at its disposal for making products with more volume (more than 5TN). This equipment make possible to provide high quality and high rotation products to markets at very competitive prices.

With the aim of getting a high production ratio with the highest quality, our engineers adjust the extrusion parameters and they also optimize the formula. 

To achieve these objectives Galloplast uses technology based on three main axles:

  • Geometries of high volume and high torque screw that make it possible to achieve high quality dispersion at lower energy cost.
  • Gravimetric dosage system at four points along the extruder.
  • System of head cut under water make us possible to get a compact and homogeneous pellet with an excellent look throughout the whole production.

In order to offer a better custom service, we have a wide range of packaging formats at our disposal: valve sack, big bag, flageolets and tanks.